• Powermax Production

  • Marinus builds their machines keeping wood processing company’s needs in mind knowing that a machine line is only as good as its efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

    Every element, every system process as well as the complete design of our machines have been researched, developed and tested guaranteeing a superior, cost efficient machine line.  

    The images below give you an actual impression of the production of the Powermax Machines for either Endmatching and Finger Jointing.

  • Because Marinus is not a mass production manufacturer. This actually allows for maximum flexibility, organisation and awareness - a quality that other larger, mass production manufacturers can not achieve.

  • Each machine is manually assembled in our own production hall and can cost up to 10 weeks to build depending on the custom work demanded by our customers.

    Uniquely, the Founding Directors and Service Technicians actually are the people found in the production hall of the Powermax machines.  This assures you that the representatives that you speak with and the service technicians working remotely and/or visiting your company know every detail of the Powermax machines.   

    This is how Marinus is able to offer impeccable after-sales service.