• Powermax Chevron

  • Fast Supply

    One of the unique features of the Powermax Chevron is its feeding system. The combination of feeding belts with opening and closing slides result in optimized feeding of the boards. The Powermax Chevron can produce up to 10 pieces per minute!

  • High profile and angle accuracy

    During profiling, the boards are fixated sideways and clamped up to an accurate top reference guide. Profile accuracy and angle of the board are therefore very precise. This is the best production method to use for hungarian point (chevron).

  • Functional Specifications

    Descr Value
    Lengths: 350 - 1200 mm
    Widths: 60 - 200 mm
    Thicknesses: 8 - 30 mm
    Capacity:up to 10 pc/min
  • Technical Specifications

    Descr Value
    Weight: 5000 kg
    Power:. 32 kW
    Pressure: 6 bar
    Dim. (LxHxW): 9650 x 2000 x 2500 mm
    Cutter diameter: 125 mm
    Dust connection: 1x Ø250 mm 1x Ø120 mm
    Support Remote Management System
  • Powermax Chevron Features

    powermax.endmatcher High Capacity 10 boards/min
    powermax.endmatcher Unique production method
    powermax.endmatcher High Profile Accuracy
    powermax.endmatcher Absolute angle accuracy due to firm side-pusher
    powermax.endmatcher No Splintering/Blowouts
    powermax.endmatcher Unique profile tools - Tongue & Groove
    powermax.endmatcher Advanced Servo Drive & Control Technique by Lenze
    powermax.endmatcher Belt conveyor with drive motor for waste
    powermax.endmatcher CE Safety and Electrical Standards - UL/CSA Standards

  • Chevron Video